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Does Listing My Home For Sale Or Buying A Home

During Winter Make Sense?

Yes it does.  Remember, people do move all year round.  Job transfers, lifestyle changes, family size getting larger or smaller are just a few of the most common motivators for sellers to sell and buyers to buy. 

Buyers that are looking at houses during the winter are usually serious buyers, not just recreational lookers.  They are also more likely to be pre-qualified with a lender and because they have been indoors for several months, they are often much more focused on what elements of the house are important to them. 

If buying a home in the winter months, it is a great opportunity to see how well the house functions during rain and cold.  It is a great time to see if the heat system keeps the home cozy enough, whether the kitchen seems to have a welcoming yet functional feeling, if gutters take care of drainage properly, and how much natural light really comes into the house.  Even though the landscaping is a bit bleak at this time of year, it is also a good time to really see the property itself and all the elements/features it has that might otherwise not be as visible when the vegetation is more lush.   


While there are fewer homes on the market in the winter months, there is also less competition for the homes.  This can be good for both sides.  For sellers, it means more serious buyers will probably see your home.  For buyers, it could mean stronger negotiating power and fewer multiple offer situations.

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